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If we’re being truly honest with ourselves, we all know that we should be removing our makeup properly before going to bed at night.

Let’s face it, though. Each and every one of us has had those nights where we get home late and the thought of sitting there cleansing our faces thoroughly doesn’t really appeal to us much.

Of course, it’s always tempting just to reach for the make-up wipes and not really give it a second thought, but what is this actually doing to our skin?

In order to understand what happens when we skip the all-important makeup removal step, we must firstly understand how the skin’s natural regeneration process works…


During the day, the makeup we wear attracts free radicals which break down the collagen production in our skin and effectively speed up the ageing process.

To counteract this, our body renews and repairs damaged skin cells whilst we sleep and produces healthy new ones that keep us looking fresh and radiant!

But… the bad news is that not removing your makeup properly causes your pores to become clogged which makes it very difficult for those cells to regenerate.

As a result, your skin can quickly start to become dehydrated and dull.

Worse still, if our eye makeup isn’t thoroughly removed, it’s possible that leftover residue can get into our tiny hair follicles cause nasty eye infections!

Sadly, no anti-ageing creams or serums are capable of reversing this process. They simply can’t do their job as well if they’re having to fight through a layer of makeup first.


Makeup wipes simply do not compare to a good quality makeup remover that has been specially formulated to leave the skin feeling perfectly cleansed and refreshed.

Whereas makeup wipes will simply move dirt around your face, makeup remover will remove all traces of makeup as well as eradicating the buildup of daily toxins.

So, the next time you feel like curling up in bed without removing your makeup, spare a thought for your poor skin!

A great tip is to keep a bottle of Resultime Micellar Cleansing Water next to your bed along with a stash of cotton pads.

This product is suitable for both the face and eyes and removes makeup whilst cleansing and toning in one simple step, helping to maintain the skin’s youthfulness and keep you looking your radiant best!